The system of the arc welding of the studs is considered to be worldwide innovative and effective and meets the current requirements. The newest Digital Signal Processors (DSP) are the kernel of the leading system which guarantees the high quality.

• Possibility to connect up to 5 welding points to one welding unit
• High-technology system of the switched mode power supply unit (converter)
• Simple operation by using the sensor panel on Russian language
• Various ways of stud feeding including vibrating bunker and multilevel elevator
• Using the linear motor set allows the system to control and operate the transference of the stud during the welding process
• Ancillaries ( protection covers, retainer systems, various sensing units) simplify installation and operation of the equipment
• Various configurations for the automate welding using the robotic devices and stationary installed welding unit, manual welding with automate studs supply or fully manual process

Studs welded using the arc pulling method are considered to be the optimum solution to the problem of fastening from simple sheet metal to metal assemblies of different size and form thereby providing with the high corrosion resistance. The main types of the studs are the following: electric mass weld studs, large flange studs for fastening the bracket and modular units, buttress thread studs for the standard fastening, guide studs and T-studs for fastening the plastic fixers .

TUCKER GmbH offers diverse range of plastic fasteners to solve different problems connecting with the fastenings of different elements. TUCKER plastic fasteners are defined by the high ergonomics and reliability which meets the demands of customers from all over the world.